Memorial Bundles: From Keyrings to Comfort Teddies

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    Our Comprehensive Memorial Bundles are thoughtfully curated to encompass a range of keepsakes, each designed to honour and remember your beloved pet in unique and comforting ways. Included in our bundles are our popular see-through pet fur keyrings, allowing you to carry a piece of your pet wherever you go, and our delicate keepsakes for preserving a lock of fur or feather plumes, ensuring that part of your pet is always with you. Also featured is our cherished keepsake comfort teddy, a soft and huggable companion that holds a lock of fur, offering solace and comfort during times of remembrance. Each bundle is crafted to bring you a sense of closeness and comfort, with additional surprises that create a lasting tribute to your furry friend. Explore the variety and depth of our bundles to find the perfect combination of keepsakes that resonate with your memories and heart.
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