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Losing family is never easy

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve, but there are ways to cope easier with the loss. Celebrate the life of your loved one by honouring and remembering them in a myriad of ways.

When Mel lost her cat, Oakley-Bean, her heart broke. Then, after a negative experience during his cremation, Mel’s heart broke all over again. Overwhelmed with uncertainty, as she held an urn containing ashes she could only trust were Oakley-Bean’s, her pain turned into a passion: ensuring other families never had to experience this doubt.

Honour their life with a Pet Cremation

Angel Ashes provide personalised individual pet cremations throughout the Adelaide metropolitan suburbs and Mt. Gambier via courier. We help you celebrate their life and keep their memories alive.

Vet or Home Image Angel Ashes Adelaide

In-home or Vet Collection

Feel comfort that your pet’s final journey can take place in your own home or vet clinic with no extra charge from 9-5 seven days.

(after-hours appointments available until 8pm +$97)

Angel Ashes Peace Angel Package

Memorial Package Included

Your pet will come home to in a beautiful Angel Ashes bag complete with a certificate of individual cremation, candle and teddy with a lock of hair. (excludes earth angel service)

Flat Rate Fee Adelaide Image Angel Ashes Pet Cremations

Flat-rate Fee

We offer a 7 day flat service from 9-5 based on your pet’s weight. Choose from 3 levels of service: Memorial, Scatter or Forever.
(after-hours appointments available until 8pm +$97)

Melanie with Car | Angel Ashes

Personal Return of Ashes

Melanie will personally return your pet’s ashes to your home between 9am-5pm. Priority processing available.

Mel and her team are absolutely wonderful, she shows true compassion and empathy. Throughout the whole process Mel provided guidance and support. She truly loves her job and treats every pet as though it was her own. Thank you Mel x” 

Rachael Pellissier: Facebook
Xander Pet Loss Support Angel Ashes Front Page

Pet Loss Support Group

We offer a Facebook support group for people who have lost, or are about to lose, a fur-baby and need to talk to others who understand exactly what they are feeling.

So many of our clients have expressed a need for some kind of emotional outlet where they can talk about how they are coping with their loss to people who are experiencing the same devastation. 

Please feel free to share photos of your fur-angel, as well as your personal stories on the Facebook group. We hope that in starting up this page, pet owners can be reassured that what they are feeling is normal. Perhaps in sharing their grief and giving advice to others, that they will start to heal.

SA dog Rescue Angel Ashes Front Page


SA Dog Rescue is a registered not-for-profit organisation, supported by volunteers in South Australia, dedicated to saving pets from euthanasia, and finding them a new home where they can live the life they deserve.


"When other humans let them down, we won’t turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved."

What Others Say

Kirstie Murch

Her Support Is Amazing

Can not recommend their services high enough, Mel shows true compassion and empathy, her support is amazing, thank you for taking care of our fur babies x

Kirstie Murch - Facebook

Jackie Peet

Don't Even Think Twice

Omg if your beautiful Fur Baby Means the world to you don't even think twice. Call Mel and Jay they will make sure you get memories to hold on to. I got my beloved Claude cremated as he was with me for 19 yrs and a friend gave me Angel Ashes number. I called Mel and I found her to be so caring and we organised for my Fur Baby to be picked up.

I was so surprised the care Mel had taken with him. The extra mile Mel goes to make sure you get your Fur Baby back asap plus the special touches is fantastic I just cried when I got Claude home I was so overwhelmed. Thank you so much Mel and Jay it meant the world to me.

You looked after my Claude like he was your own. I can never thank you enough.

I feel like you are apart of my family now. 
Sending you hugs, love and light.

Jacki Peet - Facebook

Cate Elliott

Second To None

We cannot recommend their services enough... they helped us through one of the hardest times in our life...very supportive and nothing was too much trouble... their service and respect was second to none... xx

Cate Elliott - Facebook

Gina Richardson

I Felt My Waya Was Handed To Angels

If you ever want that special someone to give you family pet a sacred service with up most respect and love, Angel Ashes are the family business to give you loved pet a cremation. 

The outstanding customer service we received was very moving and beautiful.... with true honesty this beautiful family Mel and Jay do are great job and do it with dedication, and passion of respect.

I like to share the amazing respect they show us loosing a loved one and the respect to our long loved family pet Waya, they were respectful, gentle, loving, caring and compassionate, towards us, and Waya too, the great niceness from Mel and Jay with us through the whole time with their interaction with my husband and I.

As a family business the loyalty and commitment is there in knowing your family loved pet is in fantastic hands with them both, they managed our transition with Waya wonderfully, light hearted and with admiration in leaving my loved pet in there hands to be cremated.

I really felt my Waya was handed to angels in Mel and Jay they are both earth angels put here for us all, to be able to place our loved pets in the hands of two extraordinary people, and knowing Waya was our loved pet of 12 years is to see that with all the love he’s had all his life, he was now able to go in to spirit world beautifully .

So I give them both my highly recommendation to you all who are considering on using Angel Ashes don’t think twice, you will too be given a highly gentle and well mannered service as my family and I received with no regrets but praise.

So do believe that I give my honest recommendation that these guys will treat you family pet with total love, and respect and in saying that they are both angels at what they do.

Thanks Mel and Jay for everything


Luigina Richardson - Facebook 

Urns, Memorial Items & Jewellery

Just like there’s no one way to grieve the loss of your pet, the same goes for honouring their memory. We all choose to do this differently. Angel Ashes have plenty of thoughtful ways to help you celebrate their life and here are a few of the most common ways to remember them.

Melanie Salter Angel Ashes Front Page
Melanie Salter

Since 2008, we’ve helped hundreds of families just like yours take care of their pet’s final journey with a loving and trusted individual cremation service, allowing them to remain close, through a dedicated urn or a memorial item.

With every pet we cremate, we always have our Oakley-Bean in the back of our minds, and therefore treat your family member as if they were our own. We’re long-time vegans and take great pride in being able to dignify the bond between animals and people with Angel Ashes.

After all these years, we still get affected by the pets we see every day, yet helping the owner’s grieve and offering them a support system (something we never had) allows us to continue such highly emotional work every day.

We are a local Adelaidian family business and live in Sheidow Park. All proceeds stay here in South Australia, supporting other local business, and not the CEO’s of large national companies. Each month we support SA Dog Rescue with a donation and encourage you to donate any items you can to their Op Shop in Smithfield to help them continue their amazing work. SA Dog Rescue is only run by volunteers and needs your support.


Melanie Salter

Founder / Director

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