Our Commitments and Core Values

Every pet has a unique story, a lifetime of joy, and moments of unconditional love. At Angel Ashes, we recognise these stories and deeply respect them. Our promise is rooted in understanding, respect, and a dedication to honouring every cherished companion in the most heartfelt manner.

Every Detail Matters

We deeply understand and value the special bond you had with your pet. Embracing our principle of 'Every Detail Matters,' we promise a dignified, respectful, and carefully managed pet cremation service to honour your beloved companion's final journey

It's Your Journey

Every farewell journey is special, and we tailor our approach accordingly. Our promise to you is to listen, empathise, and provide the support you need during this sensitive time.

Quality & Care

Quality and care are the cornerstones of our service. We ensure that every pet and client is treated with the utmost respect and that each keepsake or memorial is perfectly crafted.

A Legacy of Love

Angel Ashes, born from personal love and loss, maintains that heartfelt connection in our service. We promise to honour and cherish the loving legacy of every pet, ensuring it is remembered and treasured always.

Continuous Support

The end of the cremation service does not mark the end of our commitment. We promise continued support, whether it's through guidance on memorialising your pet, aftercare services, or simply being there to share a memory.

Transparent Practices

Trust is earned, and we aim to earn yours every step of the way. Our promise includes maintaining transparency in all our practices, providing clear communication, and ensuring there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Living Our Promises

At Angel Ashes, our promises are more than words; they are our way of life. Every team member upholds these promises, ensuring that every pet and family experiences the unique Angel Ashes difference.

You're not alone in saying goodbye. Experience our warmth, understanding, and steadfast support. Let's together honor and celebrate the cherished legacy of your pet.