Adelaide Family Owned

Our family creates a seamless, stress-free, comforting experience with the guarantee that you will receive only your pets ashes.

The Beginning.

Meet the pet family behind Angel Ashes.

Melanie Salter


After all these years, we still get affected by the pets we see every day, yet helping the owner’s grieve and offering them a support system (something I never had) allows us to continue highly emotional work.

Many of our clients expressed a need for some kind of emotional outlet where they can talk about how they are coping with their loss to people who are experiencing the same devastation.

So in addition to our one-on-one support, we started a pet loss support group on Facebook, for our clients and their families who need to find others who understand exactly what they are feeling.

Jason Salter


Jason joined Angel Ashes in October 2010.

Since then Jason has become the back bone of the company helping to make Angel Ashes a household name.

He spends most of his time behind the scenes managing our website, social media as well as hand making memorials items.