Ashes in Glass Keepsakes

6 products

    6 products

    Transform your cherished memories into a lasting tribute with our Eternal Glass Keepsakes collection, each piece celebrating love and memory. Handmade in Adelaide, our exclusive range includes the serene 'Eternity Spheres', the dignified 'Lasting Memento Urn', the radiant 'Lasting Sparkle', the heartfelt 'Eternity Heart', and the timeless 'Eternity Pendant'. Available in a spectrum of stunning colours, these keepsakes allow you to choose a hue that best reflects your pet's spirit and personality.

    Each unique piece, crafted with care and precision, encapsulates a small part of your beloved pet's ashes, creating a beautiful symbol of your eternal bond. Explore our collection to find the perfect way to keep your pet's memory alive, with a personal touch that speaks directly to your heart.

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