Heartfelt Goodbyes:

Personalised Adelaide Pet Cremation by Our Caring Family Team

Dignity & Love

Every pet we care for receives a cremation full of dignity, overseen by our family who deeply loves animals. We treat each farewell with the same compassion we’d want for our pets, ensuring a loving and respectful goodbye.

Unmatched Quality

We’re dedicated to excellence, from superior service to exceptional memorials. Every interaction is respectful, and each keepsake reflects our high-quality standards, ensuring your pet’s memory is honoured beautifully.

Transparent Care

Our commitment to transparency means you’re always updated. We believe in clear, compassionate communication, keeping you involved and supported every step of the way.

Individual Cremation

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Communal Cremation

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Individual Cremation

Cremation Certificate

With every individual cremation, we issue a certificate. This document attests to the respectful and careful handling of your pet's cremation, giving you a formal acknowledgment of the process.

Ashes in a Satin Bag

We return your pet's ashes in a tasteful satin bag, offering a respectful and elegant means to scatter them or keep them as a treasured memory. Additionally, we provide various urn options for those who desire a more permanent memorial.

Email Updates

We send regular email updates throughout your pet's cremation process to keep you informed and connected. These updates offer reassurance and ensure you know each step in the journey.

Transparent Pricing

For fairness our pricing is based on your pet's weight. You'll find a detailed fee table that lists the cremation costs according to different weight ranges,

Pet Weight Range Individual Fee Communal Fee
Extra Small(Under 1kg) $259 $59
Small(1 - 10kg) $379 $99
Medium(10.1 - 25kg) $399 $119
Large(25.1 - 50kg) $419 $139
Extra Large(50.1 - 70kg) $449 $159
Pet Collection Method Service Fee
You Drop off
We Collect from Vet
(Within service area & 48 hrs Monday to Friday)
We Collect from Home (Weekdays)
(Within service area as available from 10am-5pm)
We Collect from Home (Saturday or Public Holiday)
(Within service area as available from 10am-4pm, closed Sundays)
Ashes Collection or Delivery Service Fee
You Collect Ashes
(Broadview & Dernancourt, 10-15 days)
Personal Home Return (Weekdays)
(Within service area, 10-15 days, delivery from 10am to 5pm)
Priority Return (Jump to top of Queue)
Ashes ready for collection within 5 business days


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Fees

Our cremation fees are based on the weight of your pet, ensuring fairness and transparency. This approach allows us to tailor our services to the specific needs of your beloved pet, with a detailed fee table available that outlines costs for different weight ranges.

The Individual Cremation fee covers the entire cremation process, conducted with dignity and care. This includes the cremation itself, a certificate of cremation, the return of your pet’s ashes in a tasteful satin bag, and the option for various urns for a more permanent memorial. Regular email updates throughout the process are also provided for your peace of mind.

Our 'service area' refers to the specific geographic regions around Adelaide where we offer our collection and delivery services. This includes home or veterinarian pickups and personal ash deliveries. Please contact us to confirm if your location is within our service area and to discuss any associated fees.

Our 'Express' service ensures the expedited return of your pet's ashes, shortening the wait time to just 3 business days from the date of cremation. Tailored for families seeking a swift return, this service guarantees that your pet's ashes are reunited with you promptly.

Yes, we offer collection services from your home or veterinarian. The fee varies depending on the location and timing of the collection. Our table outlines specific fees for standard and priority collections, including any extra charges for weekend or public holiday services.

We provide a selection of urns and keepsakes to honour your pet’s memory. During the arrangement process, you can explore our range of options and select a memorial that resonates with your wishes. Additional details and pricing are available to help you make an informed choice.

We're here to assist you through every step of this process. If you have any more questions or need further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team is committed to providing the support and information you need.

Client Testimonials


Absolutely Amazing

The quality and the customer service is above and beyond, thank you for honouring our Sandy’s memory ❤️

Amanda M.

Care, Warmth and Empathy

I would never use anyone else to look after my pets, Mel is a beautiful soul and I trust her with my most treasured possessions. Thankyou for looking after both Carly and Shep words cannot describe how thankful I am.

Karen F.

Amazing Service, So Thoughtful

The attention to detail and empathy for my baby girl was outstanding and made such a traumatic experience more bearable

Elizabeth M.

Beautiful & Caring

We lost our 14-year-old fur baby recently, Angel Ashes were amazing, caring and prompt. Such a beautiful, thoughtful company.Thank you

Mandy S.

Exceptional Service & Care

Mel and her husband went above and beyond in customising our little girl’s final resting place and memorial pieces. They were both extremely accommodating and ensured the utmost attention to detail when crafting. 💗

Liza B.

Optional Keepsakes

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