Where To Buy Urns For Ashes – Find Out The Answer

Nov 9, 2022

Searching the vast world of the internet will actually let you come across different online stores, selling urns for storing pet ashes. Where to buy urns for ashes is the primary question that comes to your mind. Your search now comes to an end, once you have chosen Angel Ashes to the rescue. It is one reliable online store, working hard on creating some of the unique designer pet urns to try out. But it is better to see for yourself rather than believing word of mouth. So, listed below are some of the quality urns you can get from this store.

Tree of Life Urn

This particular model is made using real wooden pieces, which will give that rustic look to your urn. Before you finalise on where to buy urns for ashes, let’s focus on the available options to help make the right choice over here.

  • The product is well engraved with skilled craftsmen using Indian Rosewood as the main material for its manufacturing.
  • It offers that golden brown to deeper brown tint, with some darker streaks to provide your wood with an attractive appearance.

Brass pet urns

If you are not quite into the wooden structures, then the brass version from Angel Ashes will be another major choice to consider.  This is a vase style urn, with various colourful choices to opt for. There are quality hand engraved paws on the side of the urn and with a single paw print available on top of the lid. So, next time you have queries like where to buy urns for ashes, you know which store to look for.

Shiny Burgundy pet urns

If you want to add a bit of colour to your basic pet urn, then this burgundy shiny vase-like option is the one for you.

  • You have the hand painted paws heart emoji, which will provide you with the best result you could have asked for. The products are light in weight and tough enough to bounce in any event of accidental drop!
  • That makes this form of urn completely different from the ceramic one. There is no need to worry about any sort of spillage with threaded screw available in the lid.

Hand engraved filigree flowers based pet urns

If you are looking for the best designer urns to store your pet’s ashes, then the hand engraved filigree flowers will be the one for you to give out a try. The team is ready to help you explore all the colourful options before the final say. Pink and blue are the top colours to look into, while aiming towards pet urns. The filigree flower engraving will give that all-new look you have been eyeing for in here!

These are few of the many designer styles of pet urns you can get from reliable online stores like Angel Ashes. Even though the competition is pretty tough, it is hard to beat the beauty that this store has for you. Just check in with the options and then make a choice.