Things to Know about Local Pet Cremation Services in Adelaide

May 27, 2022

Saying Goodbye

Bidding farewell to your loved ones is so painful, it not only breaks your soul to pieces, but also creates a hole in your heart. The local pet cremation services in Adelaide come to your aid when burial in the backyard is not available due to the local council policies.

When your four-legged family member has to cross the rainbow bridge, the last gift you can give them is a memorable and dignified farewell, as well the option of keeping a piece of them with you forever.

Why Is Cremation Recommended?

When their little paws first set foot in your life, they brought with them countless happy memories. Now, with their departure, you may face ambiguity about burying or cremating.

Some believe burying them in the backyard is the best option, however not only is there the challenge of digging a deep grave, but you may also face the future possibility of leaving them behind if you ever move house.

With many councils forbidding backyard burial, this once conventional method has now been dominated by pet cremation, which allows you to keep them forever with you. 

Planning Pet Cremation

Contemplating the death of your pet is heart-wrenching, whether it is yet to come or has already materialized, and planning their aftercare arrangements can be similarly confronting. There will be several services you will need to consider: cremation company; collection from home or vet; memorial items; memorial service; etc. Going through these options and planning ahead of time (where practicable) can ease the burden of decision-making when you are also in the fresh throes of grief. 

What Is The Pet Cremation Service All About?

Pet cremation works fundamentally like human cremation, with certain key differences. You may opt for communal cremation, where the pet is cremated with other pets and the ashes are not returned, or you may prefer a private pet cremation with a witness viewing where you can be present to view their cremation. If you opted for your ashes to be returned to you, depending on the company you chose, a time will be scheduled for the ashes to be be personally returned to you, or for you to collect them.


Death is the ultimate truth of life and planning the final arrangements for your special family member can be emotional. If you are facing challenges in selecting the most reliable and popular local pet cremation services in Adelaide, Angel Ashes will hold your hand through the tough times. It is a one-stop destination when it comes to bidding adieu to your pet. Not only do they provide the full cremation service, and a range of lovely tributes, but they are available to support you and your family through this difficult time of goodbye, and will help you to keep their memory with you forever.