The pet memorial keepsake box for ashes- A Precious Memorabilia

Jul 1, 2022

When you have a pet at home, the animal becomes a significant part of the family. There is no difference in the way of loving your family members and loving your pet. So bidding the final farewell to the pet is never easy. You just can't let go of the presence that filled your world with joy and happiness. Buying the pet memorial keepsake box for ashes will help you to keep with you a small portion of the remains after cremation to perceive the presence of your beloved pet. 

Purpose of buying

Before you start looking for the right keepsake box to keep the ashes inside, you need to decide the purpose. Are you going to keep it somewhere inside the house? Or do you wish to carry it all the time wherever you go? These are valid questions and will help you to store the ashes accurately as you plan to do.


  • If you want to share the ashes with other family members who equally loved the pet, the keepsake box will be the best idea to keep a small amount of ashes in each box and give it to the individuals who want to grab onto the memory of the pet. 


  • If you want a portable structure, then you also have to concentrate on the dimensions. It cannot be too big to fit in the luggage or a small bag. 


While many people like to carry the ashes in the form of some jewelry, you may be the person who wants to keep your loving memories closer without letting the world know. 

Affordable options available

Memories are priceless, but you do need to pay some price if you want to keep the physical representation of these memories. All you have is the ashes from the cremation. So the memorial keepsake box will be the most precious thing that you know. Unfortunately, some fi you may not have the financial condition to spend a considerable sum on the asset. 


The keepsake boxes are available in affordable ranges at some of the top sellers. So you can easily buy one within a low range, without compromising the quality or durability of the product. 

Check the capacity

It is a fact that each pound of body weight can produce one cubic inch of ashes approximately. Hence, it will help you to have a rough idea about the capacity of the keepsake box that you are looking for. As the ashes can vary in the amount due to different factors during cremation like temperature variation and the nature of the bones of the deceased, it's not possible to predict the exact volume. However, the rough estimate works well.

Keep the ashes safe

The pet memorial keepsake box for ashes is one of the most valuable assets for pet owners. We at Angel Ashes can feel the significance of this box in your life. Contact us if you are looking for elegant keepsake boxes that are as beautiful as the memories of your pet. We promise to keep both of you close to each other till eternity.