The Artistry and Perks of Handmade Pet Urns

Aug 26, 2022

Pet urns serve as the home for your adorable pets’ ashes. Hence, people choose to invest in high-quality handmade pet urns for their lovable pets. It is difficult to know what goes into the making of a handcrafted urn. To help you understand the same, this blog discusses the perks these urns provide when you select one to keep your adorable pet’s ashes.

Handmade pet urn image

Why Buy a Pet Urn?

Many pet owners choose to bury their pets in the backyard. However, pet cremation is common these days due to our mobile lifestyle. Moreover, if you bury your lovable pet in the backyard, you will need to leave it behind when you shift to another place.

Hence, you can choose to have a private pet cremation and keep the ashes with you. You can keep the ashes in a handcrafted urn of your choice as a memory of your pet angel.

Reasons to Choose Handcrafted Pet Urns

1. Proficient Craftsmanship

Handmade urns are professionally designed by expert artisan designers. This is why they take some time to complete. Some expert craftsmen have many years of experience. Therefore, anybody just can't create them as they need proper training, accuracy, and development.

2. Individuality & Unique Designs

Every pet urn is individually prepared and designed. Therefore, no two handmade urns are identical, even if they are designed by the same artist. And this is the main appeal of these urns for ashes. Selecting such an urn means you are getting a unique piece.

Hard, cold devices make standardised and uniform products, which lose a personal and special human touch. Every handcrafted pet cremation urn is cautiously carved, shaped, and engraved. They reveal the elegant touch of a professional craftsman who finished this work for you only. It gives a sense of individuality that matches our different personalities.

3. High-Quality Materials

The structural beauty of an urn depends on its materials. The raw materials utilised for its development highly impact the ultimate shape, finish, and design. Common materials utilised for making pet urns are stone or marble, wood, metal, etc. Depending on the material quality of an urn, prices vary. Cheaper raw materials are usually used to build cheaper urns.

4. Dedication & Patience

Proper dedication and patience are responsible for making an urn. It’s not a rapid process with an instant prize; however, it’s a time-taking process needing true appreciation for the ultimate reward. When it comes to handcrafted pet urns, there is no result in rushing. It’s an art form that every designer takes pride in. and a stunning urn displays that pride beautifully.

Remember Your Adorable Pet with a Handmade Cremation Urn

It’s time to consider a pet urn as an artwork to showcase in your house instead of just a sombre or dark reminder. Make this reminder a long-lasting, aesthetic urn made with care, dedication, and love only a human touch can provide. Selecting high-quality, luxurious, and handmade pet urns is a great way to remember your lost loved pets by serving as their ultimate resting place. Browse the wide range of handmade urns available on Angel Ashes to pick one for your pet angel.