Avail Advantages Of Private Pet Cremation Services In Adelaide

Jun 10, 2022


It is true that your pet is not just a four-legged hairy little animal, but your family member. Whenever you are sad and happy, even if no one is there around you, your pet will never leave your side. So, when the time comes when you have to say goodbye to your furry little companion forever, it is better to do it well.

Thanks to private pet cremation services in Adelaide, now you get the opportunity to pay a lasting tribute to your old companion! You will get the chance to create a final resting place for your old friend.

Pet-centric urn

Some of the reputed companies are looking forward to creating a beautiful memorial pet urn, as a tribute to your pet and how it touches your life. Now, these pet urns are available as a major part of pet cremation services. There are separate urns available for cats and dogs. 

A memorial pet urn will help you to get the closure you need and give back a little of what your companion gave you throughout his life! After you have covered private pet cremation services, you will feel light-hearted, and happy that you were able to do something for your little one.

Why choose pet cremation urns

You cannot deny the fact that your pet used to have a one-of-a-kind personality! So, to keep his spirit uplifted, you need the best pet cremation urns for your little ones when the time comes. 

  • Reliable centres have multiple pet memorials for you to check and choose from.
  • You can either go for a simple and tasteful wooden urn or can opt for the handsome library urn.
  • Some people can spend some extra bucks to opt for the signature angel urn sculptures. 

You can get as many options as you want unless you are quite satisfied with the purchase you have made. The urns can also be customized to make this cremation session as private as possible for your pet.

Customising the urns

Well, if you are looking for premium pet cremation services, then customising the urn might be a great starting point. Some of the chosen options available are listed below for your reference.

  • Photo frame

You can purchase an exclusively crafted photo frame with a picture of the demised pet. There are different styles available to complete the pet memorial urn.

  • Nameplate

You can personalise the cat or dog urn without paying any extra bucks! Once you have purchased the pet cremation services, you will receive a nameplate with a customised inscription. These nameplates are mostly made using solid brass and are available in four different colours. 

So, the next time you are looking for private pet cremation services in Adelaide, join the team from Angel Ashes and get all your queries resolved. Remember to ring us up to learn more about the details of our services and how we can make it extra special for you.