Pet Memorials In Adelaide – Your Perfect Final Goodbye

Jun 24, 2022

It is hard to come across people who don’t have soft corners for pets. Some like dogs and others like those small purring that cats make. Nowadays, it is easier to find any kind of pet in every house. With hypoallergenic dogs and cat breeds out there, people with allergies can also buy or adopt a pet to be called their forever friends. So, when the time comes to finally say goodbye to those charming little faces, you have to make it special. That’s when the pet memorials come to be the best choice.

So many options await you

Have you been thinking hard and low about the best pet memorials in Adelaide? If so, then some simple points will help you reach out to your needs pretty well. Pet memorials are someone different. These are pieces of objects, which will remind you of your little furry friends, long after they are gone. Some pet memorials still have remained like ashes to them, which will make you feel closer to them. Want to know some of the promising options available online? Let’s start with your venture!

Resin print paw with ashes

It is easily a one-of-a-kind handmade resin paw print by reputed centres. Each paw pad consists of a part of your pet’s ashes in it along with your selection of background colour. Some of the colour variations are blue diamond shimmer, midnight purple shimmer and pink sapphire shimmer.

  • Under every different lighting condition, the print will take on a different shade with some sparkles of jasper, gold and green.
  • The paw prints are more or less around 13.5cm wide and will weigh around 160 grams without the given stand.

Black paw print bundle

It is yet another major form of pet memorials in Adelaide that will surely remind you of your little friend. Here, the company will take the paw print of your friend, and Photoshop the same into a long-lasting memorial.

  • The package consists of one original paw print in ink
  • Cleaned digital paw print, where you can customize with the name and some sentimental thoughts
  • One shadowbox frame to keep the paw print alive for long

Keepsake jewellery

If there is one stylish way available to keep your pet closer to you even long after he is gone, then that has to be with the stainless steel keepsake jewellery. It is perfectly designed to hold just a tiny bit of the ashes of your beloved pet. 

  • Each pet jewelled item consists of a quality matching snake chain, made out of stainless steel.
  • It has a fill kit, along with a polishing cloth.
  • You will receive the keepsake jewellery in a gift box, in case you are planning to gift it to someone like your parents, your partner and more.

These are some of the many pet memorials you can get online. Research and log online at Angel Ashes, where we understand what your pet means to you. It is all about love and keeping that feeling alive in your heart forever through some inanimate objects!