How much does a Personalised Pet Urn cost in Adelaide?

Jun 4, 2022

Be it pet dogs, cats, birds, rodents, or even reptiles – when pets die, their owners feel incredible sadness. Such sadness is unfortunately very common in Australia. After all, there are 29+ million pets in Australia. That’s more than the country’s human population. 

So, pet deaths, however sad they may be, are pretty common in Australian cities. That’s why the question – “How much does a Personalised pet Urn in Adelaide cost” is also growing in popularity. What are Personalised pet urns and why do pet owners want to spend money on these items? Let’s explore.

Understanding the Demand for Pet Urns 

When the small creature you’ve nurtured and loved for several years passes on, you’re entitled to feel distraught. But, that shouldn’t deter you from making the right decisions for your deceased pet’s body. So, what to do with your deceased pet’s body? 

  • In the past, the tradition was to bury their pet’s remains in the owner’s backyard. However, in many zoning areas in Adelaide, unauthorized pet burial is illegal.
  • You’ll have to get permission from local authorities. You’ll also have to buy an appropriately-sized pet casket for your pet.
  • You’ll also have to pay for the burial service and the plot of land in which your pet will rest.

Of course, no pet owner is afraid of taking on these hassles. But, these hassles come with unnecessary expenses. For instance, a small-scale pet burial in Adelaide can easily cost you upwards of $1,500. There are environmental costs involved as well. 

According to a recent study, burial has at least a 10% worse environmental impact than cremation. Cremations can be designed to be 100% carbon neutral. Burials can’t. Overall, pet cremation is a cheaper and more environmentally sustainable option than pet burial. 

Some other advantages of pet cremation include –

  • Pet cremations are just like burials – pet owners can still have normal mourning ceremonies or memorials.
  • Pet owners don’t require too much assistance with cremations. They can make these events more private.
  • Pet owners can retain the ashes (also known as “cremains”) of their pets after the ceremony.

Some pet owners still think that burial is the better option. They claim that by burying their pets, they at least get comforting chances to visit their graves. With cremation, all the ash is gone and there’s nothing left to celebrate, right? Wrong. That’s where Personalised pet urns can help.

Buying Pet Urns in Adelaide

Who needs a gravesite when you can retain your pet’s ashes in a classy urn? Unlike burial sites, pet urns are always in the pet owners’ control. They can store these urns wherever they want. They can pass these urns down to future generations. They can also use these urns as classy decorative pieces.

Pet owners can easily get Personalised or “custom-made” pet urns. They can custom-print high-definition images, quotes, important dates, and other design elements on their pet urns. A top-quality Personalised pet urn in Adelaide will cost you anywhere between $150 to $300. 

Normal showpieces cost more. So, these items are rather cost-effective. Just ensure the following details when you’re buying a pet urn –

  • The urn should be big enough to hold your pet’s remains. 
  • Pet urn sellers typically sell different types of urns for different pets (cats, small dogs, big dogs, etc.) Pick an urn that suits your pet’s body type. 
  • The urn should be sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to transport. Avoid urns made of thin glass and ceramic. Instead, opt for wood or metal urns.

Buying a pet urn is the last thing you’ll ever do for your pet. So, make this process special. Custom-create an urn that perfectly captures your relationship with your pet. If you need high-quality Personalised pet urns in Adelaide, contact Angel Ashes. 

Every year, we help thousands of local pet owners deal with the stressful experiences of losing their little ones. Our team can custom-create any type of urn you need for very little cost. Contact us now.