Honour Your Pet’s Memory with Different Types of Pet Ashes Ornaments

Oct 6, 2022

It's always difficult to say goodbye to your beloved pet. However, choosing a method to honour their memory can simplify this change. An amazing way of commemorating the departure of your furry friend is through the use of pet ashes ornaments. By changing your pet's ashes into an ornament, you can get a nice memento that praises their memory.

Why Choose Pet Cremation Ornaments?

Funerary jewellery has played a pivotal role in commemorating the loss of a beloved one. Memorial ornaments first gained fame because there were not many substitutes for remembrance. Photography does not exist, and there are not many options for tangible mementos.

Although several technological advancements are available these days, cremation ornaments continue to be popular as a notable and personal way of holding on to connections to those who have departed. As this old tradition continues and develops in demand these days, people now choose custom-made pet ashes cremation ornaments to recall their furry friends by wearing them close to their hearts.

Different Types of Pet Cremation Jewellery

There are many options available if you want to infuse your pet ashes into an ornament according to your style and budget preferences. From colourful charms and beads to elegant pendants and more, you will certainly find something exclusive to commemorate your furry friend. Moreover, commemorative ornaments make a noteworthy present for pet friends, as they reflect the genuine essence of your beloved pet.

Here are a few types of pet cremation ornaments to choose from:

1. Pet Ashes' Necklaces

A pendant necklace is a popular option for recalling your furry friend. Pendants are available in several designs and are perfect for different kinds of ornaments.

2. Pet Ashes Rings

A pet ash ring is a type of jewellery that is particularly designed with a silver or gold setting. You can choose this ornament to memorialise your pet friend.

3. Pet Ashes Earrings

A matching pair of ornaments can be turned into a pair of earrings. There are several earring designs available, and you can even pair them with a matching pendant neckpiece.

4. Pet Ashes Bracelets

For smaller jewellery pieces, you can mount them onto a bracelet. Moreover, you can use a big jewellery piece as a centrepiece for a bigger silver or gold bracelet.

5. Keychain

If you don’t prefer wearing jewellery daily, you can go for another ornament option to secure your pet’s ashes. A keychain is a great piece of cremation jewellery. Since you will possibly always have keys with you, a memorial keychain can be an amazing product to opt for. A keychain usually has space for your pet's ashes and hair, so you can carry them with you wherever you go.

Concluding Thoughts

Angel Ashes has a wide range of pet ashes ornaments. You need to choose the ideal option to honour your beloved furry companion in the best way possible. There are many options to select from, so you can find an option that can help you keep the memory of your adorable pet with you wherever you go.