Establish An Eternal Bond With The pet ashes jewelry in Adelaide

Jun 18, 2022

The pet animals become a part of the family right from the day you get the furry little one at home. Unfortunately, the four-legged members are also mortal. So, there will come a day when you have to bid the final farewell to the pet. It is always a difficult task to let go of the pet who was so close to you. Many pet owners want to hold on to the memory of the pet even after the demise, consider getting the pet ashes jewelry in Adelaide that will definitely make you feel better.

Feeling the connection

It's natural to feel heartbroken when your loving dog or cat dies. But all of you have to accept the harsh reality of life. However, even after the death of the pet, you have the opportunity to actually hold on to the beloved one by wearing the ash jewelry. 


  • The special jewelry designers who make pet ash jewelry create stunning pieces of ornaments that will contain the ash of your pet. 
  • These ornaments are lightweight and ideal for regular use. 
  • The design of the ornaments is such that they will complement any attire. 


Every day, whenever you miss your pet, you just need to hold the jewelry and remind yourself that the beloved one is right there, with you, connected to you. This connection will help you to overcome the sting of emotional outbursts that are frequent after the demise of the pet. Gradually, you will learn to live with the ashes that will become the physical form of the one who is not here anymore. 

Durable items

The reputed jewelry designers know well that when you are planning to get yourself a piece of ash jewelry, it will certainly be in remembrance of someone special. So they make sure that the quality of the ornament is the best. 

Safe storage


The pendant, which is the most common form of the ash jewelry, must be of durable material that will contain the ashes safely inside for as long as possible.

Prolonged preservation

The sellers know that the chief reason to get the ornament is to stay close to the furry friend even after the final departure of the pet. Unless the ornament is a durable item, it will be pointless for anyone to invest in the jewelry. 

After the cremation of your pet, you just need to go online and check for the reputed brands in Adelaide that can manufacture the perfect pet memorial jewelry. Remember that the jewelry will not only be your possession but something valuable enough to pass on to the next generations. 

Feel the presence

It is a terrible feeling to know that the pet whom you loved the most is no longer going to sit on your lap or cuddle. Angel Ashes understands and respects such feelings. Our team is an expert in making the pet ashes jewelry in Adelaide that will make you feel better, especially in the initial phase after the death of the pet. Contact us immediately if you want to hold on to the memory of the most loving pet forever and keep it close to your heart.