Engraved Plate For Pet Urn – How To Possible Choose One?

Oct 19, 2022

You always loved your pet, much like any other family member. Unfortunately, pets won’t live as long as humans. So, chances are high that they will leave you behind in tears. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything for your little friend. Thanks to the engraved plate for the pet urn, now you can keep your pets by your side always and commemorate them.

Pet urns are widely used for storing ashes, once you are done with the funeral process. You want that urn to adorn a significant part of the house, which is closer to you and holds some great memories of your pet. Thanks to the engraved plate, you get to customise the urn in the best possible manner.

Whether you are looking for floral engraves or Birds In Flight keepsake, you will receive so many options from the reputed online stores. It is all about checking out the options and then suitably choosing the one that matches your needs well.

Looking for the customised option

Once you start looking for the available engraved plate for the pet urn, you will come across some standard designs, as mentioned already. But, sometimes you might want to customise the urn in your favourable manner.

  • For that, it is mandatory to get along with the best team of professionals to decide how you are going to customise the urn in question.
  • You can add the name of your pet with his birth and death dates, to help make the urn special.
  • On the other hand, you can engrave some paw prints and others to enhance the look of the pet urn even more.

There are different ways you can customise the urn and these are a few of the many examples. But before you do that, it is always mandatory to check in with the best urns. You need the body to be sturdy in order to move on with the engraved plates.

More to know about the urns

The beautiful pet urn is made using solid brass, and mostly plated with a shiny nickel finish. Some of the urns will have delicate blue filigree patterns on them, engraved with white birds in flight.

  • Most of the urns, available online, are around 7.5cms tall and with a threaded lid for easy insertion of a smaller portion of the loved one’s ashes.
  • The urn will fit within the palm of your hand and is mostly made available in a velvet hard box to ensure that the product reaches you in one piece, without even a single dent on the body.
  • Most of the urns have the capacity of 30 ml of ashes. Here, you can store a maximum of 800gms.

These are some of the major features you need to consider before procuring per urn for your deceased furry family member. The engraved plate for the pet urn will get delivered on time so that you don’t have to wait for long.

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