Different Types Of Pet Paw Print Keepsake To Remember Your Pet Forever

Aug 13, 2022

If you ever own a dog or a cat, you know the bond you grow with them. For others, they might be just some animals, but for you, they are your own family members. So, much like losing any close relative or parent, you can feel the pain when it is time to say final goodbye to your pet. You loved your dog much like your younger brother. So, like keeping pictures at home, you can try working on Pet Paw Print Keepsake as well.

It is a unique way to remember your pet for a long time, even after it is gone. There are urns with the pet paws printed on the outer body. Then you have pearl tea-light pet urn, pet cremation pendant, pet memorials and so much more. Each product has its own significance and you will learn about that once you make a purchase.

Pet memorial image

Paw print dog tag style pendant

Among all the available options under Pet Paw Print Keepsake, the paw print dog tag style pendant seems to be one of the most memorable ones to give out a try. Made using premium quality stainless steel material, you can keep these tags by your side forever, when they are long gone.

  • This stainless steel dog tag style pendant comes with a single black paw print.
  •  It is finished using a high polish for that extra shine.
  • The pendant is cleverly designed to hold a smaller amount of your pet’s ashes through a small screw at the base of the pendant.
  • If you order with a pet cremation, then the manufacturing members will fill up the ashes and then glue the pendant for that permanent use.
  •  The stainless steel snake chain will go well with the pendant, which is around 1.5mm wide.

Shiny purple urn

Want to keep your pet’s ashes in a secure and pretty looking container? If so, then the shiny purple urn with your pet’s paw print on top will be a great option to consider. You can either keep it for yourself or gift it to any pet lover.

  • The lavender coloured urn will have a simple hand painted “paw on heart” emoji.
  • The product might feel light in weight but it is very sturdy to bounce during an event of accidental drop, unlike the available ceramic urns in the market.

Pearl tea light pet urn

Made using brass and metal alloy, the tall pearl tea light urn is hand engraved with paw prints, which will be gently twisting around the main candle holder. There is a threaded top available, which you can open easily to secure your pet’s ashes inside. It is surely a perfect remembrance piece to help light a candle to honour your beloved furry little friend.

These are a few of the many options under Pet Paw Print Keepsake to give out a try. But, ensure to invest money on these items from reputed centres only. Well, once you have come across Angel Ashes, your search comes to an end. Get quality items within reasonable rates from https://angelashes.com.au/.