What Can You Do With Your Dogs Ashes?

Oct 12, 2022

You were in love with your furry little friend. He was the only companion during your good and bad times and was always by your side when you felt lonely. But, unfortunately enough, dogs don’t survive as long as humans and at some point, they will leave you for the heavenly abode. Most dog owners will treat their dogs as their family members. So, they opt to take all the necessary steps required to finish the final rites of the furry little friend. Now, what to do with your dogs ashes?

Well, thanks to modern technologies and new ideas, you will get an easy way to preserve your dog’s ashes to be by your side forever. Yes, you don’t have your friend physically with you, but at least his ashes will remain by your side forever.

Purchase an urn

Much like storing ashes of your beloved, you can purchase an urn online, designed purposely to store your dog’s ashes in it. There are different styles and structures of urns you can opt for. Place them on shelves and you will be reminded of your dog’s happy soul all the time.

  • To make it more customised, you can change the outside body of the urn as per your favour.
  • For example, you can print the name of your furry friend, or even focus on a paw print to cover the outside layer of the urn.
  • Furthermore, you can also add the date of birth and death on the urn to make it more special.

Wear it as locket

Even though it might seem a bit unconventional, this locket will answer your question like what to do with your dog's ashes. There are so many online stores, which are selling lockets with secret compartments in them.

  • Place your dog’s ashes inside the locket and seal it permanently.
  • Now you can wear it around your neck or keep it beside you and it makes you feel that your furry friend is always by your side.
  • You get to customise the locket by adding a picture of your dog on top and his ashes inside. It is great memorabilia you can ask for.

Get a key ring by your side

It is another way in which you can keep the memories of your pet alive even when he is long gone. Much like jewellery with pet’s ashes inside, you can try that same concept but with a key ring this time.

  • The online centres providing these key rings will also give you the chance to seal the opening permanently so that the ashes remain within forever.
  • Place the key ring anywhere you like and it will remind you about your dog.
  • Customise the key ring by placing the name of your dog embedded on it, or a simple paw print will also help.

Just remember to check out all the options before you can finalise on what product you want. Angel Ashes houses some of the best choices to make.