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We understand that your staff will form a relationship with pets and their people, sometimes caring for them throughout their entire lives. Your staff can now continue this journey by offering their clients a quality and compassionate service, a guaranteed individual cremation through a personal and caring company, with options that are not available through other cremation companies.

Angel Ashes have been providing a caring pet cremation service since 2008 for vet clinics and pet owners alike. After starting the service in SW Victoria, vet clinics in Portland, Hamilton and Mount Gambier relied on our service for their clients. After moving the family to Adelaide in 2013, we are now able to offer our services to your clinic, and your clients.
Please contact us for information on how our business can add value to your clinic.

Dr Marie de Lint provides a caring and personalised home euthanasia service for dogs and cats in most Adelaide metropolitan suburbs within 20 km of South Plympton.

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Pet Universe
Everything we do at Pet Universe – from the way we greet you on the phone, to the way we introduce a new service or train a new team member, is underpinned by the following seven core values:excellence, care. innovation, professionalism. consistency, enjoyment & value for money.

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