Sandstone Candle Urn

Sandstone Candle Urn


Carved from a single piece of natural Australian sandstone every candle is unique and as individual as you beloved pet. Tea light candle sits on top. Being able to replace the tea light make these memorial candles a practical memorial. Custom made with engraved text and choice of graphic or no graphic.

  • Fits the ashes of a pet up to 1.3kg before cremation.
    (holds only a small token/keepsake amount of ashes)

Name Inscription: 10 characters
Date Inscription: 9 characters

Memorial candle is approximately 190mm x 100mm.

Please allow a minimum of 21 days for delivery.

Free shipping Australia wide.

    • $
    • $
      Paw with Claws
    • $
    • $
    • $
      Cat 2
    • $
      Cat 3
    • $
      Cat 4
    • $
    • $
      Double Open Heart
    • $
      No Graphic


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