• Ashes in Glass

    Ashes in Glass (6)

    Our memorial glass range is custom made so we can tailor your special piece to your liking. If you like the idea of turning your pet’s ashes into a sentimental decorative ornament or piece of jewellery you can wear close to your heart, glass is one of the best materials to use. Please note: Ashes in Glass memorial items do…
  • Paw Impressions

    Paw Impressions (2)

    Just like putting our handprints in clay as kids to make art, we follow the same process. Available with a pet cremation, we custom make clay paw prints, complete with a strong custom made brass stand or 15 x 11" frame. Their presence will always be there with you, with this print standing tall in the living room.
  • Pet Headstones

    Pet Headstones (3)

    30cm wide, 20cm deep and 15 tall and weigh approx. 15Kg. The clever shape means they can be orientated flat on the ground like a traditional "desk" marker with a low profile or placed upright like a pillar. They make a versatile and practical memorial plaque.
  • Photo Frames

    Photo Frames (1)

    Quality glass picture frame. Inscription is lovingly engraved in either landscape or portrait. Will fit your favourite 5" x 7" (13 x 18cm) photo of your beloved pet.
  • Photo Plaques

    Photo Plaques (3)

    Extremely durable and tough full colour photo stainless steel and ceramic plaques that are UV stable and suitable for outdoor use. Made from the same monumental grade UV stable dyes supplied to human cemeteries and monumental masons means your photo won’t fade.
  • Stone Plaques

    Stone Plaques (10)

    We work with various types of stone, custom making pet memorial plaques. Whether it’s a simple engraving of their name and the date passed or a personalised message with a photo, we can arrange any type of stone dedication. We have a range of stone graphics for inspiration.