About Our Service

Will my pet be cremated individually?

Do you have payment plans?

Do you require payment up front?

Are you available on weekends and public holidays?

How long will it be before I get the ashes back?

Can you pick up from my home or vet?

Where are your cremations carried out?

Can I be present to view the cremation?

Why should I choose to cremate my pet, rather than have a burial in the backyard?

About Your Pet

Will you put my pet to sleep?

Can my pet be cremated with objects?

My pet had pins, plates, or other internal apparatus; can these be returned in the ashes?

I previously buried my pet in the backyard, am I still able to have them cremated?

About Pet Loss

What advice can you give to owner’s who are faced with having to farewell their pets?

Do you know of any counseling services available for pet loss?

Angel Ashes pet loss support group.

About Us

What made you start up a pet cremation company?

How do you deal with the emotional aspect of such a sad business?

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