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You can learn more about us and our process, reading through the common questions we’re asked from pet-people just like you. How we operate and information about your pet.

Will my pet be cremated individually?

Yes, we give a 100% guarantee that each pet is cremated individually, and that the ashes you receive is all of your pet, and only your pet. You will receive a signed certificate of individual cremation.

Are you available on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, we are available every day. There are no extra charges for our service on weekends or a public holidays between 9-5pm.
Pre-booked after hours appointments from 5-8pm are available for an additional $99.

How long will it be before I get the ashes back?

We endeavour to return your pet’s ashes home within 5-7 business days from collection. Although this may not always be possible due to situations beyond our control such as public holidays and vet’s opening times but we will always get your pet home to you as fast as possible.

Where will you collect my pet from?

We can collect your pet from your vet, or from home, usually within the same day of booking a cremation service. If your pet is to be collected from your vet, please make sure you let them know you want Angel Ashes to organise the cremation, to ensure that the pet is not sent off to a different company.

Where are your cremations carried out?

We use a dedicated pet cremation facility in the Fleurieu Peninsula. From the time your pet is collected, until the ashes are returned home, your angel will only be in the hands of myself and of the lovely woman who carries out the cremation.

Can I be present to view the cremation?

Due to the facility regulations, you are not able to be present while the cremations take place.

Are you available on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, we are available every day. There are no extra charges for our service on weekends or a public holidays.

Why should I choose to cremate my pet, rather than have a burial in the backyard?

The process of cremation is, in my opinion, a very cleansing and purifying one. The end result of burial and cremation is essentially the same: you are left with the carbon from the body. However, cremation instantly reduces the body down to this pure form in a matter of hours, not months or years as does burial, so with cremation there is no process of deterioration. Also, if you bury your pet, and then in the future you move house, you are forced to leave them behind. With cremation, you can always take them with you, no matter where you go.

Do you require payment up front?

We require full payment for our cremation service on the day of collection. However, you are welcome to add an urn to your booking and pay for it on return.

What payment options do you have?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex as well as zipPay interest free finance both online and in person. We also accept EFTPOS (savings/cheque) cards as well as cash in person. We do not offer a bank deposit option and apologise for any inconvenience.

Your Pet

Will you put my pet to sleep?

No. Your vet is the one who will organise the euthanasia of your pet. This can usually take place at the vet clinic or in your own home. You can pre-book a day and time for Angel Ashes to collect your pet from either location. If you would like to spend some time with your pet afterwards, this is perfectly fine.

Can my pet be cremated with objects?

Yes. If your pet has a favourite toy, lead, blanket, or anything else of significance, it can definitely remain with your pet throughout the process, and will become a part of the ashes.

My pet had pins, plates, or other internal apparatus; can these be returned in the ashes?

Yes. If they do not melt away and are able to be retrieved, they will be put in with the ashes and returned to you.

I previously buried my pet in the backyard, am I still able to have them cremated?

Yes. You would need to exhume the pet yourself, but we would then collect the remains and organise the cremation for you. Even after years of being buried, the bones of the pet will still remain intact, and it is the bones that reduce down to form the ashes during a cremation – everything else just drifts away into smoke.

Pet Loss

What advice can you give to owner’s who are faced with having to farewell their pets?

As much as possible, make their last weeks, days, hours, or minutes, happy ones. After a rapid 2 week decline of kidney failure, my cat Oakley-Bean, was booked in to be put to sleep. I spent my last night with Oakley cuddling him, telling him I loved him, and crying, crying, crying! When he lifted his frail body up in order to press his face against my wet cheek to comfort me – an act that was obviously painful for him – I realised that my goodbye was all wrong. I started to smile and laugh and be happy that I’d had the privilege to have him in my life for 9 years. I told him how happy he’d made me. I thanked him for being there through all the tough times. And I promised him that it was okay to leave and that I would be all right. The next morning, answering my front door to the local vet was horrible. I stared at the little bag under her arm, inside which was Oakley’s peace, but my heartache. The vet nurse held him on her lap while the vet slid the needle into his vein, and I stared into his eye (he only had one) and said ‘Goodbye, I love you, goodbye, I love you,’ until the light inside him just went out. It left his body and instead filled the space around me. I don’t remember taking his body from the nurse, I don’t remember them leaving my house, I just remember laying back on the couch, clutching Oakley to my chest and screaming. Because that was the time to grieve his loss, instead of while he had still been alive. My advice therefore is: try not to waste those last precious moments (if you are lucky enough to have them) grieving them before they have gone. You’ll have plenty of time for this afterward.

Do you know of any counseling services available for pet loss?

Grief is grief, no matter who you are mourning. Therefore, all trained counselors should be able to offer you some guidance on how to get through the pain of your loss.

Angel Ashes pet loss support group.

Our Facebook support group is for people who have lost a fur-baby and need to find others who understand exactly what they are feeling.

So many of my clients have expressed a need for some kind of emotional outlet where they can talk about how they are coping with their loss to people who are experiencing the same devastation.

Please feel free to share photos of your fur-angel, as well as your personal stories.

It is my hopes that in starting up this page, pet owners can be reassured that what they are feeling is normal. Perhaps in sharing their grief and giving advice to others, that they will start to heal.

Request membership

About Us

What made you start up a pet cremation company?

About three months after I received the ashes of my cat, Oakley-Bean, the cremation company I used were featured on Today Tonight after having been found dumping some of the pet’s bodies in bushland. Needless to say, I was devastated over this, and even though I had ashes, I couldn’t be certain if they were my cat’s. I decided to start up this business to ensure that no other pet owner would have to feel that sense of sickening uncertainty. This is the reason it is so important to me to give a 100% guarantee that your pet will be treated with dignity and love.

How do you deal with the emotional aspect of such a sad business?

The first time I ever collected a deceased pet (two springer spaniels named Morgan and Gypsy) I went home and sobbed over a tub of ice cream, and chocolate, and I remember thinking, ‘God, if I eat like this every time I feel affected by this job, I am going to end up the size of a house!’ I decided then and there that whenever I get upset (which is quite often!) I will go home and spend time with my cats and my dogs and appreciate the fact that I am lucky enough to still have them with me. Knowing that I am helping grieving pet owners is the other thing that gets me through the emotional side of this business. It also helps me to deal with the pain of what I went through when I had my own cat cremated.

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