Pet Memorial Bundles

3 products

    3 products
    Black Paw Print Bundle | Cat Paw Print Memorial | Glass Paw Print | Paw Print Pet Memorial
    Black Paw Print Bundle | Cat Paw Print Memorial | Paw Print Pet Memorial

    Some of you can’t decide between the Pet Urns and the Pet Memorial Jewellery, because all of them seem to be a fine option for you. Each one has its own features and characteristics, and making any one choice seems uncomfortable. Well, the team from Angel Ashes is well-aware of such problems and came up with a perfect solution for that. They have now come up with the best pet memorial bundles, where you can pick and choose multiple products to create one complete pack altogether!

    In the bundle, you get to include the Outdoor Pet Memorials, with sparkling jewelleries, paw impressions and what not! You can even include the key chains and other products, which you like from Angel Ashes. You can either opt for the standard package or get to choose any customised one, depending on your needs.

    The price point

    It is hard to determine a price point for the pet memorial bundles as it differs from what all you are planning to add in the list. For the pack with Rose Keepsake Urns, the rates will be a bit higher than the ones where you don’t have urns at all! It solely depends on the customer’s price point. However, if you don’t know how much the bundle will take, the online experts are there to help.

    •         With each item added in the bundle, they will start adding up the numbers.

    •         You can stop when you have reached your price point.

    •         For customisation, you need to spend extra. So, keep that point in mind.

    The next time you are looking for a Pet Photo Memorial and want to add it in a bundle, go for this plan now. It is your one-stop solution to keep your pet’s memories alive for a long time now, if not always!